Astro Lava lamp

The Original Astro Lava Lamp – From Mathmos…..

The first and original lava lamp design by Edward Craven-Walker the founder of Mathmos.

TheĀ Astro lamp has been in continuous production in Britain since its invention in 1963.

We fill every bottle by hand with our unique Mathmos formula.

This gives our lamps the best shape lava formations, the clearest liquids and the longest bottle life.

The astro base and cap is spun by skilled British craftsmen.






Each product is individually inspected and tested to ensure that a Mathmos lava lamp is the best quality in the world.


Replacement parts for this design classic, including lamps, are available from Mathmos on an ongoing basis for Astros produced today or at any time in our long history.

Our long experience, our heritage and the superior quality of our overall product is what separates Mathmos lava lamps from others. – Beware of cheaper and less quality products on the market




Base and cap are hand spun and polished by British craftsmen who bring the top quality spun aluminium to a high silver shine.


The halogen bulb (included) is made specifically for use with Mathmos lava lamps to direct light and heat into the lava and away from the base


Item weight – 3KG

Product dimensions: 13x 13x 43cm

Customer comments:

Spent some time looking at all the different products on the market and I’m glad to say I eventually plumped for the Original Astro!!! The reviews all live up to their words and the design is iconic and fits in perfectly at home. Who needs a fish tank or candles to help you relax when you have the Astro Original!!! The price was great and the questions that I asked Mathmos were quickly and efficiently answered, great customer service!!!!

I’ve been after a high quality lava lamp for years and after being advised to take a look at Mathmos I took the plunge and ordered myself an original Astro in colours Violet / Orange. I chose orange as I thought it would be warming than red and it is. It’s a really decent size too! Looks great and warms up and cools down in a good amount of time. Very happy.

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