Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa, 4-6 Person

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa, 4-6 Person

The Lay-Z-Spa Vegas (AS SEEN ON TV!) offers luxury, relaxation, comfort and portability at outstanding value for money.

Ease into your Lay-Z-Spa Vegas at the end of the day and feel rejuvenated by the 40C water temperature and the 87 soothing air massage jets.

Comfortably fitting 4 to 6 people the spa can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Easy to set up in minutes, requiring no tools or professional installation; the inflatable hot tub comes with an attractively styled leatheroid cover with easy to fasten clips.


The inflatable inner lid provides superb heat insulation to help keep water to temperature.



Included in the Vegas hot tub package is an easy to operate digital control for controlling the massage jets, water filtration and rapid heating system.


A free DVD set up and maintenance guide, filter cartridges (twin pack) and a chemical floater are also provided.


Features and benefits

  • Fits 4 – 6 people
  • 87 Soothing Air Jets
  • Heats up to 40C (104F)
  • Lay-z-spa Jet massage system
  • Easy to set  (includes ‘Free’ set up DVD)
  • Complete with 2 x Filter cartridges and Chemical floater
  • Automated start/stop timer – controlled heating system
  • Free UK support team


Capacity: 4 – 6 AdultsWater Capacity (80%): 848 L (224 Gal)Inflated Size: 196cm x 61cm (77″ x 24″)Filled Weight: 1,100kg (2,426lb)Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz, 2,050W at 20C, Class IIActual Water Flow: 1,325L/h (350 Gal/h)Rapid Heating System: Approx. 1.5-2.0C/h (3-4F/h)Max. Heat Capability: 40C (104F)Certification: CE/GS approvedBox Dimensions & Weight: 1 Colour Box


84cm x 51cm x 63cm & (Weight:) 40.4kg / 89.1 lbs.


Watch the full video below:


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Customer reveiws:

“I can’t recommend this highly enough. My neighbour is lucky enough to have an all year round hot tub whereas we decided to settle for the Lay Z Spa. Unlike our neighbour’s spa it has no seats and can’t be used during the winter. The lack of seats doesn’t bother us (both in our late 40’s and we find this very comfortable) but we may upgrade at some point as would like to be able to use it all year round.

It is very easy to use. The biggest challenge is getting it thoroughly dry before packing it up for the winter but ours has over wintered twice now with no issues. Otherwise it just needs pumping up, filling and turning on. Once it is at temperature it needs chemicals and is then ready for use. Initially I bought a pack of four different chemicals but have found I only need to use the chlorine. For this reason I have now purchased a large container of chlorine on its own, as I still have most of the other chemicals left.”

“It looks and feels good quality, especially the leatherette cover. Not as white as it looks in the photos, which is a good thing as was worried about its bright whiteness looking a bit stark. heat/water pump is a hum, air pump is as loud as a vacuum cleaner. if you register with lay-z-spa they extend the warranty to 18 months for the pump and 12 months for the liner. (otherwise only 12months and 6 months)

EDIT AFTER A WEEKS USE: very comfy, plenty of space to stretch out (I’m 6’2″), you do not notice the motor noise over the bubble noise when you are in the hot tub. Smart meter running cost info: 24hrs running at 35c with the lid on in March costs around 50p a day. a day heating up from 20c to 38c with the lid off for a couple of hours costs about £2.50. the filter gets pretty mucky, but can be cleaned with a hosepipe and reused no problem.

Original water still in there and looking sparkly clean, very easy to maintain the levels with the floater. Fine grits settling on the bottom need stirring up when the bubbles are on so they can find their way to the filter. I find sitting on an upside down washing up bowl (or buy a seat if you are flush with cash) gives a very comfortable laid out position for us tall people. additional notes are that my 8 year old can sit in there fine, but a 6 year old needs a booster seat- hence the upside down washing up bowl.”

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